There are two types of games that I love: survival one and tower-defense, imagine my surprise as well as enjoyment when I have found the game that has both of these features in it – Zombsio.

Yeah, this is not your average online game that is for sure, it has unique gameplay and entertaining scenario in it. You can gather various resources, build and establish your own base, defend it, upgrade it, etc. I can’t even express how cool and awesome this game is and how many things you can do in it.

This game is a kind of tower defense and at the same time it has elements of survival game in it as well, you can also collect various resources: wood, stone, tokens, gold, etc. At some point it kind of reminds me of Minecraft, but anyway these resources can be used to build various structures, as well as tools.

Keep in mind that in this game army of zombies are respawned every time when night comes, they don’t go away until you kill every single one of them, they don’t die from sunlight so you will have to build walls and your defense weapons while it is still daylight and while you still have a free map.

Resources and buildings:
Like I have said before there are the following types of resources: wood, gold, stone and tokens (idk what tokens are used for). The most common ones are wood and stones, with these two you can build walls around your main base (gold stash) and protect it with automating firing weapons. Zombies are always going after the gold stash, so make sure that you defend it very well.

There are also waves in the game, each wave represents a single day/night cycle and attack of the zombie horde, as always higher the wave, the stronger the enemies. Try to evolve your base into a stronghold that can protect your gold stash from the undead army.

As for the building, there are the following ones available: wall (block enemies from reaching your tower), door (allows party members to enter your base), slow trap (slows down enemies and makes it harder for them to enter your base), arrow tower (automatic firing tower with pretty good fire rate but only single target damage), cannon tower (an also automatic weapon that affects large spaces), melee tower (pretty high damage on the single target), bomb tower (AOE high damage, but slow attack speed), mage tower (multiple targets, high attack speed), gold mine (generates gold every second), resource harvester (this tower harvests resources automatically, but it needs gold to function. Hit it with a pickaxe to collect resources) and the final one is a gold stack (this is your main base).

As you can see there are plenty of towers in the game and various resources as well. The game is pretty complicated and interesting at the same time.

Other features:
Take a look at the left side of the game window, there are some icons available there. Heal towers and timeout, take close look at these features, they might be very useful for succeeding in the game. Heal towers as the name suggests heals towers in the selected area and timeout allows you to prevent zombies from spawning for one night.

Both of these features require from you gold.

The game allows you to play either alone or in the part. You can even invite your friends and enjoy it together, build the same base, add towers, etc. I have tried playing Zombs io with my friends and it was pretty entertaining actually.

Top players:
At the top right corner of the game window you can see names of top players, these are the people that managed to get extremely high scores in the game and survive most of the waves. If you are a skilled player as well you will find your name in the top score as well one day, do your best, and don’t give up!

Download on your device:
Check out the following download links provided by this blog, now you can enjoy it from your phone as well. The game is well-optimized for the phones and pretty enjoyable.

Video guide:
I got this YouTube guide that explains how to play the game and what kind of strategy to use in it. I can say for sure that the tips and tricks which this game has in it are pretty impressive and useful.

Final word:
If you are a fan of survival games you will find Zombs io enjoyable and entertaining, also people love the tower-defense type of gameplay in it. Complexity adds beauty to the depth of gaming as well, I mean there are so many resources as well as towers, special abilities and day/night cycles that you won’t get bored for a couple of days for sure.

This is a trending game right now and so many people play it online on daily basis, you won’t regret playing it, that one I can tell you for sure.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your axe and start building your fortress and repel zombie attacks as long as you can.