Hey, fellow gamers, hope you are doing great.

First of all, I am so happy to see you on my blog, I am a gamer and blogger at the same time and I often share various guides and reviews regarding various online games. My main goal is to share my knowledge, I think I know few things about online games and I am pretty sure that you will find my articles useful and helpful.

I also invite people to join me on my mission of building an online platform where people from all around the world could come together, have an awesome time, share their thoughts with each other, etc.

In the first place, I am looking for writers, developers, designers, video editors. Creative people that know how to create valuable content, we could release bundles of video guides as well as articles regarding various online games, new releases, some tips, and tricks. It is easier to explain with an example so imagine some sort of full walkthrough of the World Of Warcraft elite raid, some heroic raid with 25 players, you get the point now, right?

Another important thing to point out is to build a forum, now forums are always good way to share you knowledge, to meet new people, to share your opinions with each other. The number one platform that I am facing with the forum is lack of knowledge in development, I really need someone who has experience in web development.

By the way, in the beginning, we can choose some specific category and focus all of our attention on that. Let’s say we will only cover survival games or only zombie games. Something like that will make our blog more specific, more focused, and easier in management. Let me know what are your thoughts about it in the comments section.

By the way, I am absolutely open to new ideas and suggestions, if you think that some game deserves more attention from our team we will gladly look at it. Even if the game is new to us and we are not familiar with it we can figure out everything about it pretty fast.  After all, gaming is our main profile, LOL.

We also plan to start a YouTube channel, we plan to film some quality gaming videos and share them on our blog. There are a lot of competitive gamers among us, we can easily make content for popular games like, Dota 2, LoL, COD, WoW, etc. This can attract a lot of attention to our blog and accelerate our growth.

Anyway, there are tons of ideas right now, tons of different directions, plans, etc. Please follow our social media pages in order to not miss important updates.

Once again, thank you for your time and interest in us.