One of the best zombie flash games out there at the moment is Earn To Die and we have all parts of it in an unblocked version at the official blog.

What kind of game is it?
Generally speaking, this game reminds me of Learn to fly type of game, you have to fly at a long range of distance and earn points, the more distance you cover the more points you earn, and later on, you can buy different upgrades with a help of those points. The same objective and same gameplay can be seen in Earn To Die, however, there are some big differences. In this game, you have a car and you have to drive it through the desert, this desert is full of zombies who are eager to eat you. You must upgrade your car, add new gadgets and devices, get more fuel, better weapons, and things like that in order to reach another side of the desert and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Why is it so addicting?
What makes the game really addictive is the upgrade system, it is very interesting, you can change so many things starting from cars, to the parts of these cars as well as better machine guns and many more. I used to play it for hours and I enjoyed every last minute of it, after finishing the first version I started playing the second and so on. The game also evolves; the storyline changes and all parts of the game are related to each other.

Which upgrades are there?

  • Rocket engine which is mounted on your car from behind, you can change it and it will increase your speed.
  • The fuel tank of your car, you can increase the size of it and get more fuel, it will allow you to travel further and reach your destination point to survive.
  • You can also change your wheels; get better wheels to overcome different obstacles.
  • You can change the transmission of your car.
  • Engine – upgrade your engine for more horsepowers, better engine can also help you to use your fuel more efficiently.
  • And my favorite last upgrade is weapons. Weapons are mounted on the top of your car; they shoot automatically when zombies appear in your way and clear a path for you. Make sure that you get decent firepower, when zombies appear in your way and you crush them with your car it slows down your speed, avoid it at any cost and clear the way with machine guns.

Like I have said before you can find all versions of the Earn To Die Unblocked game series on our blog, start playing from the first version and follow the storyline of the game, not only game is entertaining and fun to play, but it can also include an interesting story.